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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Husband Refuses To Let Virus Put A Halt To His Wife’s 85th Birthday Party

Anyone who has had or will have a birthday around the time of the Coronavirus outbreak might just have to make different plans this year. If you fall into that category, I feel you! I recently celebrated my birthday on March 25th, and rather than going out to eat like I normally would, I stayed home eating a box of pizza and parmesan breadsticks instead. I also had to put off my birthday party until further notice. This isn’t to say my birthday this year was crummy; it was just different.

Like me, Peggy Ross also had a birthday that occurred during the pandemic. But unlike me, she was hitting a big milestone: her 85th year of life. Now that is certainly something to celebrate!

Peggy’s husband of 67 years, Hilton, would agree. With his wife having been in a nursing home temporarily for nearly two months now, Hilton thought that there was no way he was going to let the virus stop him from seeing his birthday girl.

“I seen her yesterday morning … out at dialysis, where she was taken out between putting her in an ambulance,” Hilton said to WREG Memphis. “I got to hug her and kiss her one time for the first time in a while. That was real good.”

But of course, he was looking forward to seeing her again, and he most definitely wanted to make sure she had a party to look forward to for her special day. However, the nursing home she was staying at had some restrictions amid the viral outbreak: nobody except for the nursing home staff and residents could enter.

So, they improvised. Peggy’s loved ones, including her husband, all showed up outside of the large, glass windows of the nursing home lobby, so they could still see Peggy. To communicate with her and to sing her happy birthday, they spoke over the phone with her.

Peggy, who wore a birthday hat from the inside of the nursing home, looked emotional, as did all of her guests. It was such a sweet moment to share. Even with the restrictions due to COVID-19, Peggy’s family made sure to celebrate in the biggest way they possibly could.

After the outbreak is over, let’s all vow to never take birthdays and other milestones for granted again. Give your birthday boy or girl a tighter hug, take extra pictures during a family member’s graduation, or even send a mushy text to your friend prior to their big wedding day. With things like the Coronavirus, we never know when we will be restricted of having parties and gatherings like these again. We must cherish them while we can.

View Peggy’s emotional 85th birthday party below!

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