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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Health, Tips Here’s why you should not bite the skin around the nails

We all have some habits that are more or less harmful to our health. One of the most common bad habit is biting nails as a result of stress and anxiety.

Similarly to bite nails, people often bite the skin around the nails – may be known, those annoying little specks that peel around the nail, which hurt a lot.

This habit is often unconscious, bits of skin are broken, nibble and scratch with the claw of the next finger because of inner turmoil, anxiety and stress.

However, this bad habit can be dangerous and must learn how to get rid of it.

The area around the nail has bacteria that enter through the mouth.

But that’s not all: with peeling of the top layer of skin, open crossings bacteria can easily penetrate tissue and cause infections in that area.

What and how much damage has been done by this bad habit?

This habit actually has a name, it is known as a dermatillomania. Allegedly, two of seven people suffer from this condition which can cause irreparable damage to the nerves, as well as permanent damage to the nail.

If you suffer of dermatillomania you must get rid of it. Visit your doctor who will send you to a psychiatrist who will allow you to get rid of stress and this bad habit with a special treatment.

It can also help and other alternative medicines, as coverage of the area with some creams or other preparations, even coating with colorless nail polish, can help.


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