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Friday, March 24, 2017


Upon awakening, the first thing we do is drink coffee or just make the bed and wash as usual.  This is a habit acquired from a young age and is always a routine. First, one must know how dust does damage our health and what you should do to avoid it.

According to research making the bed right after you get up traps millions of dust mites inside the sheets and the mattress and they can wreak chaos on our organism. The dust settles on our beds, pillows and sheets.  These tiny mites are very small and their food is our dead skin cells, and sweat too.  With this, they multiply like nothing else up to 20 times a day! Scientists say that there are 1.5 million dust mites in our beds!

However, it’s not the bed bugs that are health detrimental. It is in fact their excrement because it contains a protein which when gets inhaled, or comes in contact with our skin gets our antibodies’ levels up.  When they go up histamine is released in the body – and this is not a good thing.  All allergies and redness are caused by high histamine levels.

Runny nose, itching, hay fever, red eyes, watery eyes, coughing and sneezing and difficulty breathing are the universal common symptoms.  Some people have red bumps on the skin or itching after contact with these dust mites.  Learn to eliminate these mites and maintain your health.

Eliminating these mites is very easy to do

Do not make the bed right after getting up!!!

If you leave the bed in the morning, mites will be exposed to fresh air, sunlight and they will be destroyed, exhausted and dehydrated.  When you make the bed, you are trapping and vacuuming heat and stale air, and there are too much dead skin cells and sweat, so the mites multiply!

Get up, wash your face and hands, eat breakfast, do your homework and make the bed in the afternoon or evening – this way there is less dust mites, and the room air is cooler too.

Also, wash the bed sheets on a regular basis, at least once a week or two weeks the most. So next time you will not have to worry about these tiny creatures ruining your day!


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