Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christopher Swann is a British photographer who has been following his passion for the past twenty-five years.

Spending years diving and exploring the ocean, Swann has formed an extreme talent for taking pictures of cetaceans like whales and dolphins. What’s amazing is that his photos are both above and below water.

With subtle tones of colors and smooth waters, his photos come out with an elegant theme that captures the true beauty of the animals in their natural habitat.

Here are some highlights from his interview with My Modern Met:

“I have been looking at whales for the last 25 years. It is what I do almost every day,” says Swann.

“I love the beauty and perfection of the sea. Cetaceans epitomise that.

Nothing is more perfect than any cetacean underwater, but whales are really special.

To see animals so huge yet so graceful, so at ease and at one with their surroundings, is exquisite.

I have been at sea sailing since I was 17 (40 years ago).

I ran whale-watching holidays, first in the Hebrides, and then in the Canary Islands.

I have spent all that time getting to know many species and how they react, how to get yourself in the right place, etc.

I would love to be able to devote my time to whale photography.

Running [whale-watching] trips means…endlessly putting other people in the perfect position for a photo while I can only watch.

For a few years, I would like to try and take better photos, and that means I must concentrate on that.”

As Swann follows his passion, he creates inspiration for the rest of us.

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