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Monday, January 23, 2017

Father And Son Slice Into A Real Rattlesnake Tail To Find Out What’s Hidden Inside

When Daniel and his son Lincoln started their YouTube account in 2014, it was simply to help the kiddo out with his science project investigating the insides of sports balls. Now, with over a million subscribers, the father and son duo don’t plan on stopping their curious discoveries any time soon!

Digging inside anything from balls of rubber bands to an (empty) hornet’s nest, it’s clear watching along that they enjoy both the learning process and the time spent together. There’s no telling what they’ll find in each new item! They take a lot of suggestions from their viewers, which led them to their most recent analysis of a 100 percent real rattlesnake’s tail. If you learn nothing else from these two, you definitely learn about some of the more interesting things that can be purchased on eBay!

After a visit to the zoo to learn more about the slithery animal, comparing their purchased shaker to that of one still attached to a snake in the cage, they return to their kitchen table to get cutting. Lincoln gives the tail a few shakes before they get started and the kiddo seems pretty understandably freaked out by the specimen. They warn in each of their weekly videos that no one should attempt similar experiments without someone trained to safely do so with them. With that in mind, Daniel takes the reigns with the box cutter and smartly decided to grab a cutting board to protect their table.

Take a look below to see the fascinating answer they find once it’s cracked open.

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