Friday, December 2, 2016

An unfortunate fact about child molestation is it usually occurs because of a close friend or relative, but as a society no one really tolerates it. Even those we consider the worst of us in the most violent of prisons don’t like it, because everyone knows you don’t mess with kids. One Brazilian jiu jistu teacher learned that lesson the hard way, causing the internet they’ve a bit divided on the issue.

Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier eventually confessed to the r*pe and murder of his nearly two-year-old stepson and sentenced to life in prison, but that time may be more painful than he originally thought. Not long after he arrived he was greeted by a group of 20 prisoners dissatisfied with the severity of his punishment, so they r*ped him themselves.
Xavier wound up receiving multiple stitches to close up his wound, but when the other prisoners discovered this they ripped them by raping the man again! Regardless of what you feel for child molesters then in cases such as this wouldn’t the death penalty be a much more sensible option? No one deserves to suffer even if they’ve been the cause of it to someone else, but at the same time people like this don’t really stand a chance in public once they’re discovered so maybe Texas has it right for once…
Many people are arguing that the man is merely getting what’s coming to him, but others argue that the system was already at work, hence the division. What do you think, should he continue to suffer r*pe after r*pe in prison, or should something else be done?

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