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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Guy Puts Wedding Ring On His Junk, Instantly Regrets It

There are certain mistakes in life that only one person has to make for the remainder of the population to learn a lesson, depending on how far the story spreads. Luckily the internet makes sharing stories incredibly simple and there’s one lesson that no other man should ever make in their lives – using their penises as a display for a wedding ring. For some reason someone thought that would be a great idea, never expecting what the ring would do after he grew…

An eighteen-year-old, newlywed Chinese boy from Liuzhou was begged by his new wife to wear a ring as his sign of devotion to her, but decided to do so by “wearing” it around his member. With the ring keeping blood trapped and no way to take the thing off himself the kid suffered for two consecutive days before finally seeking medical attention. You’d think that when he realized they couldn’t remove the ring at home this would require a bit more help than just “waiting it out”, especially when it’s something involving your genitals…

Luckily they managed to surgically remove the ring before any permanent damage could take place, but after that ordeal I doubt he’ll be hoping for the blood to rush back into it any time soon. The only other question we could think to ask here is why was this filmed in the first place, was it for some television show or was it the wife?

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