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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Guy Films Own Death After Running Red Light While Singing (DISTURBING)

Each year it’s estimated that 330,000 vehicular accidents are caused by people not paying attention to the road, distracted by their phones. Every day eleven people die because someone was focused more on their handhelds than on the road in front of them, which may not sound like a lot in the grand scheme of things but that’s easily over 3,500 people dead each year. That’s an egregious fact when you consider how easy it is just to set your phone down for a few minutes, or at least until you hit a red light. What’s worse is that when you’re distracted and driving, almost any wreck you get into will involve someone else – a stranger.

This young man was attempting to film the next viral video featuring himself driving down the road, singing along to to a song being played on the radio. We wouldn’t necessarily call anything about the video noteworthy besides the fact that his beard almost looks painted on, at least until he runs a red light. Unfortunately for the young man there was another car coming through it’s green light and he got t-boned. It’s currently believed he did not survive this encounter. Warning, the footage below is about as graphic as it gets because the camera rolled through the entire accident
Hopefully the footage will get more people to pay attention to the road instead of to their phones because this was a senseless loss of life. It’s still unsure as to the fate of the other driver who hit him, but hopefully they’re alright as well as the guy’s friends and family. Turn some tunes on and set your phones down, or the next fatal video could be of you.
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