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Monday, December 5, 2016

Chicago Woman Arrested For Beating Herself Up

If you’ve ever seen the 1990’s movie Liar Liar starring Jim Carey then it’s likely you can recall the scene where he proceeds to beat the crap out of himself in the bathroom to stall a trial. What no one in their right minds would ever expect is for that scene to play itself out in reality, but that’s apparently exactly what happened.

Jenny Peak is a 33-year-old woman from Chicago who recently had the local police called on her for what they described as one of the most brutal beatings they’d seen in years. According to the woman’s stepfather the two had been arguing until eventually a $12 bet was made between the two that Peak couldn’t beat herself up. I would like to point out that as of right now it’s not known whether drugs or alcohol was involved in the carrying out of this bet, but it does seem likely. After taking the bet Peak grabbed a crowbar and began violently hitting herself in the face and head with it, so the cops were called. When the police attempted to intervene she threw the crowbar out the window and continued to punch herself.
The beating was so violent that law enforcement attempted to knock her out with the butt of a shotgun to get her to stop since every other attempt ended equally as painful.

“I knew I could beat myself up even though I’m pretty tough.”

That’s just one of the statements she ended up giving to the police, among others that she wanted to prove she wasn’t afraid of her own self. Unfortunately for her the $4,000 in medical bills will not be paid by her stepfather, though he did state he wouldn’t turn his back on the $12 bet the two made. Peak has since been charged with self-harm, the destruction of private property, and has had charges pressed against her by her stepfather. This woman needs to seek some type of professional help because even when stoned or drunk, beating yourself half to death is not a normal thought process to have…
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