Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This woman just shared this video of her breastfeeding her kids. A lot of questions are being raised, like why is she still breastfeeding that kid? He's like 7!
People are having a huge laugh about this video on Facebook... "He knows exactly what he's doing!"
Why is he holding a credit card? So many questions are raised by this video...
Some of the people are laughing... While others are seriously offended... One person even accuses this mom of "exhibitionism."
Is this kid too old to be breastfed? A lot of people say so...
With boobs like that, she's got enough to feed the whole family! Why is this so hot...?
Here's the full video... Strictly for science and research purposes. Please be warned that it's pretty intense, so watch only if you are OK with this type of stuff