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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mother Gorilla's Baby Died, What She Did Next Will Make You Cry

It is a story of a Mother Gorilla named Shira who unfortunately lost her baby and made countless attempts to wake her up. She wasn’t ready at all to accept the very fact that her baby is no more.
Last year, her son Tondu passed away when he was hardly six months old after contracting a viral infection.
Scroll down to know what happened next:
Meet mother Shira with her baby.
This ten years old gorilla is walking frantically out of her cage at Frankfurt Zoo in Germany.
She unfortunately lost her week old baby.
It's completely devastating for a mother to see that and accept the fact!

She was not at all prepared to accept this and even was making countless attempts to wake her baby up.
She was distraught embracing her baby and tried to shake her just in case that she might wake up.
Sadly, after hours of unstopped tries she finally realised that the baby is no more.
After hours of struggle, Zoo caretakers were able to retrieve the body of the dead baby.
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