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Monday, October 3, 2016

She Had To “Bite The Bullet” After What She Did To Her Little Student. Look!

If there are people that must be trustworthy and respectable at all times, it’s the kindergarten teachers. These are the people you trust your kids with. You expect them to do everything in their power to ensure the kids’ safety and well-being while you’re away. So what happens when this protector turns into a villain? It’s sad!

It happened to a child. Ian Nelson is just 6, and his dad, Anthony Nelson, takes him for kindergarten lessons at a school in Riverside, Ohio. Barb Williams was Ian’s teacher at the elementary school, until she turned into a monster!

One day, Barb grabbed Ian and mishandled him in a manner very unbecoming of a reputable teacher. Imagine a teacher taking a 6-year-old kid by the face and putting the little one up against a wall! What’s that?!

Barb was captured on video doing that to young Ian, and she got suspended from work for 10 days. Later, she quit her job. She also faced charges, but they were substituted with a $250 fine and she was also ordered to attend anger management sessions. Ian’s father couldn’t believe a teacher could do that to a small child!

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