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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cops Horrified When They See What Drunk 9-Yr-Old Girl Is Dragging Around

Sometimes officers will be investigating one crime, when suddenly they stumble upon another. Such was the case in Missouri when officers were working on a case, but then became immediately distracted as a second, very bizarre incident unfolded in front of them. It was a very drunk 9-year-old girl. The fact that she was wasted was one thing, but the next thing they noticed was even more shocking.

It was Friday night when some residents from Gravois Mill called in to report what sounded like gunfire inside a house. When Morgan County officers arrived, they investigated what was going on inside, while a few others took stock of the surrounding outdoor premises. It was then that they saw a few kids hanging out inside a car parked near the area.
When they went to check it out, they opened the car door to check on the kids, and it was the little girl they first saw, who was totally drunk from alcohol. But she had some other goodies on her as well which really shocked the officers.

Multiple firearms, marijuana, prescriptions pills, and methamphetamine. Turned out it was her parents stash she was carrying around.

At the hospital her blood alcohol content was .093 percent, but it looks like she is going to be alright.
The degenerate adults responsible for all this are 26-year-old Brian Plemmons, charged with endangering the welfare of a child and drug possession. Allison Williams, 24, and Robert Yount, 30, both are charged with multiple drug and firearms charges.

What will happen to the kids in the car, including the drunk 9-year-old, is unclear. Very lucky that the gun didn’t go off or any of the many drugs were not ingested by the kids, especially in the drunken state that the girl was in.

Let’s hope these kids get far better homes than was provided for them by these losers.

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