Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An emotional letter was penned by the family of an Arizona instructor who was killed accidentally by a 9 years old girl. Though the family was grieving, they expressed a lot of kindness and forgiveness to the little girl.

The letter began by referencing the tender age of the little girl. All the four children of Charles Vacca took part in writing and reading their feelings which the letter presented.  They said they were worried and thinking about her and will always pray and wish that she stays in peace. This is because they also wanted their dad to rest in peace.

The young girl and her family were on vacation in Las Vegas when the unfortunate incident took place. She had a Uzi submachine gun which she lost control of and ended up shooting the instructor. This took place at the Last Stop Range on 25th August.

They end their letter by letting her know that their dad wants her not to let the incident to define her life but to move on normally. They look forward to meeting her someday and comfort her and tell her that all is okay.

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