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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The beauty of the girl is unique. But for its appearance, it gets the most cruel insults.

The 21-year-old Marimar Quiroa from California is an example of true strength of character. Since her birth she suffers from a tumor that distorted her face, which is why it is not able to speak, breathe or eat normally.
They communicated in sign language, by gavage she is nourished, and thanks to a hole in the throat it can breathe. Under these circumstances, it would actually have been understood to fall into a depression or want to remain hidden from the eyes of the world.
But Marimar is a fighter. They decided to build their self-confidence. She began to make a list of their own qualities. Every day she looked in the mirror and repeat how beautiful she was anyway. As an adult she decided to indulge their passion for makeup, and opened a YouTube channel with makeup tutorials, beauty tips, fashion and a great message: Confidence.
In the comments under their videos it rains again praise and encouragement. In fact, their daily life is difficult when it is at any time staring into the street, or even offended. But Marimar has found a solution: "When people stare at me, I stare back and refuse to lower their eyes until they stop." What a stunning woman.
The girl was intimidated long embraces life. She teaches Zumba classes, going to night school and cosmetics dream is to be a language teacher in sign language. Helping others gives her own incredible strength. Her beauty is something special and comes from their inner strength. Its uniqueness does not come from their disabilities, but by their vitality.
Here you can have watching a video of their YouTube channel:

She is standing with both feet in life and help others, even to take on as they are. For this we can admire them only.

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