Thursday, September 8, 2016

Brandy Guettler and Tommy Meyer book from Fort Pierce, United States have experienced in a very short time a great opportunity and great misfortune. On August 18, they are parents of two very handsome sons. The twins Hawk and Mason is hardly in the world, has a heart and a soul. Only 11 days after birth to make the proud parents this stunning photo of Hawks and Masons gentle hug.
Facebook / Mason & Hawk

"It was the first time that they touched, and in the moment when Mason Hawk felt he was looking for his arm and smiled blissfully," mother Brandy describes this unforgettable moment.But the fraternal togetherness is overshadowed by a tragic diagnosis: If Hawk is a diaphragmatic hernia shortly after his birth found - a congenital malformation of the diaphragm, which causes organs penetrate from the abdomen into the chest cavity. Not only friends and family are worried about the baby's life - on the Internet, parents are given multiple encouragement, because the charming photo of Twins Hug has touched thousands. 
So grateful Brandy and Tommy about the great support and compassion for their twins, they finally have a sad message on Facebook proclaim: Hawk died and leaves his brother, his parents and the whole Internet community back mournfully. All to the parents their condolences. 
Even if it was Hawk and Mason not permitted to go through life together, Brandy and Tommy are grateful for this brief moment of tenderness, the twins were able to experience.
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