Thursday, September 1, 2016

When little Willow Rose is born, the worst nightmare is for their parents Bex and Martin Forrest reality: Willow Roses heart stopped beating on. After a completely trouble-free pregnancy the baby by Caesarean section must be brought when his heartbeat during labor suddenly dangerously is slow. But when it finally is in the world, his heart stands still.
Twitter / BBC Points West
While doctors intently do anything to revive Willow Rose, still quite dazed Bex keeps asking: "I can not hear her cry. What's going on here? Why does not she crying? "The longer the silence, the worse it is for the desperate parents.
Eight long, agonizing minutes later, the doctors can facilitate a tiny heartbeat measure. Bex and Martin forced to watch as their only 3.4 kilos little daughter placed in an incubator and rolled past them to the ICU.
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A team of specialists will be added fetched. Spontaneously they initiate a revolutionary process, which is known as "cold therapy". Lap Willow Rose in a tiny cooling suit and connect it to a device which lowers their body temperature to 33.5 degrees Celsius. This is intended to prevent her brain, which has so long getting no oxygen during cardiac arrest, sustains permanent damage. For three days, it remains in its cooled-down state. Parents have it still can not hold her. Only her little hand they must not touch.
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"She did not cry the entire first four weeks. She had so much tubes in her throat, she did not even know how to cry. It sounds funny, but all I wanted was to hear them cry normal, "says Bex.
On the fourth day Willow Roses body temperature is raised slowly. Whole body cooling has the incredible effect: It has suffered no brain damage. 15 months after its birth it's Willow Rose around well. Bex and Martin are overjoyed. It develops perfectly normal and is a fun, smart little girl.
Facebook / Bex Louise Forrest
Bex and Martin are incredibly relieved and grateful and. Here they tell what they have gone through, until they were finally allowed to hold her daughter.
How good that the medicine is so far now to make the seemingly impossible possible and small miracles, such as Willow Rose to create that carefree life.