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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mom Walked In On Her 14-Year-Old Son Doing Something Awful And Turned Him Over To Police

He threatened his 8-year-old cousin with scissors, while forcing himself on her, and now at age 14, he is being charged as an adult in the incident.
It all started when the mother left the room and came back a short time after, only to realize that the two kids were a bit too quiet.
Upon returning again, she discovered the unthinkable. The boy, Solomon, 14, was raping his cousin, age 8. He was on top of her and both of them were partially undressed.
The scissors were nearby.
When interviewed, the 8-year-old said her cousin threatened her with the scissors if she made any noises.
“He shoved his thing” inside of her she also stated.
The mother turned the boy in, to the Baltimore City Police. They then arrested Solomon for rape. The boy admitted to raping his cousin during the police interrogation and now has been transported to the Baltimore City Detention Center, being charged with first and second-degree rape.
Officials are stating that indeed he will be charged as an adult. This means potential life in prison.
Here’s what Maryland state law says:
A child between the ages of 14 and 18 can be tried as an adult. This is under the condition that an adult who has committed that same crime, would be punished by death or life in prison.
The law also states that children 16 and over can be charged as an adult for the following: abduction, kidnapping, murder, rape, robbery and crimes involving weapons.
It is fairly uncommon for a teen so young to be charged as an adult. He will end up having to serve time in adult prison and his crime will be on his public record.
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