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Thursday, September 22, 2016

How much do you care? Just Have A Look At This. I’m In Tears!

You have seen or witnessed strayed animals especially dogs. Not all dogs can be friendly but one thing we should put in mind is that they have lives too and that they go through same difficulties from scavenging from for food to shelter.

But there exist people who are kind-hearted. People, who are very considerate to giving a helping hand to such animals, much like them who we see in this video from India. A kind gesture by few people who rescued this dog as it had been trapped for hours without any help. The dog seems very terrified andstressed.Faeces around it were signs of struggle as it tried to rescue itself from that metal bar that it got stuck on. The dog’s energy was drained off and you can tell it as it appears to be so weak.The back legs are paralyzed as the metal bar got him just between his rib cage and hind legs.

It is through love we share that such rescue teams, Animal Aid, exist together with the person who called for the dog to be rescued. The dog has now been vaccinated, recuperated from Mange and neutered. Thanks to the team, Animal Aid,for sharing videos— much like this one—showcasing dogs being rescued.

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