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Monday, September 19, 2016

Doctor Sent Their Baby Home to Die. What Mom Sees Daughter Doing Has Her Picking Up the Phone

This baby was born under a death sentence but they never lost hope.

#1 Abigail Jones

Abigail Jones was born with no hope of surviving past the month. She was diagnosed in utero with a malignant brain tumor. Her parents were told the tumor was cancerous and very aggressive, and that treatment wouldn’t change her health. Abigail’s parents accepted her fate, taking her home to enjoy their last moments.

#2 But Then…

But the unexpected happened! Abigail didn’t die,and instead thrived! She put on weight, grew, and began to interact with those around her. This lead her parents to wonder if she was actually misdiagnosed. With new found hope, they contacted experts at Boston Children’s Hospital and asked for a second opinion.

#3 A Change In Diagnosis

After a review by her doctors it was determined the tumor might not be malignant after all. “I spoke to mom on the phone and told her that I thought there was enough question about the diagnosis that we should not give Abigail a death sentence,” said Dr. Cohen.

#4 My Baby Will Live

“It’s terrifying to put life back on the table. It scares me to hope,” Erika wrote. “But someone said to me, ‘you won’t regret hope’. So I’m allowing myself to hope, and pretty recklessly right now. Suddenly, I think my baby is going to live. Truly I do. Even though they still say it’s a very long shot. But I’ll take it,” Abigails mother Erika wrote in a blog post.

#5 Don’t Take Life For Granted

After a second MRI, it was determined the tumor wasn’t malignant. Abigail underwent an immediate operation to remove the tumor. Dr. Cohen said that he does not expect it to return.
“I cannot take this life for granted,” Erika wrote on her blog. “The calling is there, I don’t know what it is, but Abigail was spared for a significant reason. She is God’s pebble and her ripples will extend deep. Now what are we going to do with this miracle baby? Who, at 2 months, has been just born again and given a chance at life. Oh Lord help and guide us. She is Your vessel. She is living proof of Your greatness. She is a world changer.”

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