Saturday, August 27, 2016

Triplets are always something special. But the sisters Mackenzie, Macy, and Madeline Garrison are even a little unusual.
Among all triplets are only the second known case in which two of the children have come as Siamese twins born. Against all probability survive Macy and Mackenzie the critical first days after birth.
Unfortunately, the biological mother can not take care of the children. Therefore, they are placed in the loving care of Darla and Jeff Garrison. The two already have three sons and look forward to the opportunity to further expand their family.
It was decided that Mackenzie and Macy to separate in order to allow both an individual life.
Your skin is preliminarily stretched, so that the operation is slightly easier. permanent In a 24-hour, high-risk procedure are then separated from each other with the utmost care and attention, the nine-month-old girl. The operation is a complete success. Although Mackenzie and Macy now have only one leg - with the help of adapted prostheses but this is hardly a problem for them. Physiotherapists help them later to move independently with aids. What is much more important: Both live! 
Two years after surgery Darla and Jeff could officially adopt all three sisters. Together with her sons now all live on a farm in Iowa (USA). The sisters even have their own horse! They are healthy, happy and love to frolic.
How nice that they did it. Each of the girls has its own life and both are always together. A truly happy ending.

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