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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Teen Captures Step-By-Step Photos Of Caterpillar’s Stunning Transformation

Oddity is a 16-year-old Tumblr user. One morning he saw something on the sidewalk. A chubby green caterpillar!

Since he was worried the cute little guy would get stepped on, he picked him up and brought him to school.

He gave the caterpillar a name: Chicken Nugget.

Caterpillars don’t stay caterpillars for long. They turn into butterflies. The process is called metamorphosis.

So Oddity decided to document this process. Then he shared it online! The whole documentation became a big hit, and now all of us can enjoy this fascinating transformation from cute caterpillar to beautiful butterfly!
He was walking to class and a 16-year-old nicknamed “Oddity” found a caterpillar on the ground. He thought he would get stepped on so he picked him up and brought him to school.
He named it Chicken Nugget, the first thing that came to mind.

The markings are called eyespots. They are designed to scare away predators. The caterpillar resembles a cartoon-like character as a result.
During class, Chicken Nugget faded in color.
He had turned yellow by afternoon.

This is all normal in the transformation process.

Turns out he is a spicebush swallowtail. Right before they become a butterfly, they turn this mustard yellow color.
He took Chicken Nugget to his home, then built him a little house with twigs, leaves, and plastic tubing.
Chicken Nugget checked the new home out.
He found a stick to start the chrysalis.
A good stick is important for your new life change, after all!
Oddity gave him some music to listen to.
Then he spun the chrysalis. He would be here for the next 14 days.

While it may resemble a crumpled up dead leaf, this actually serves to protect him from predators.
After day 10, a crack appears.
Chicken Nugget emerged!

Since he was a changed being, Oddity renamed him Chicken Wing!

The beautiful butterfly had unique wings in that one looked smaller and they had different colors.

Oddity found out after searching online, that it was a gynandromorph. This is an organism that has both male and female characteristics!

He knew he had to release him in the wild, so Chicken Wing was set free in his backyard.

Check out this video to see the release! He actually pauses on Oddity’s hand, perhaps telling him goodbye before taking off!

Share this wonderful transformation with friends and family!


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