Saturday, August 27, 2016

There’s never an appropriate excuse to cheat on your significant other, just the same there’s no excuse for purposefully attempting to sleep with someone who already has a partner.

If you’re going to do it you’ll do it, because the human race is stubborn and that’s just a fact of life, but be prepared for the consequences that come from it. You may get hit, you may get beat a little, but you shouldn’t have to suffer the full weight of the consequences either – it takes two to tango.

The woman sitting through the video below is/was the mistress for the husband of the other woman beating her in the video, if that’s not complicated enough there seems to be other women and children around as well! All of these people ganging up on a woman who helped a husband cheat, and they take it way too far.

Not only was publicly beating her to the ground not enough, she felt it necessary to strip the young woman of her top and still continued in her assault! This is the exact reason vigilantism is outlawed, because of how easily we can get swept up in our emotions and how fast that allows the true barbarism in us to show. Just call a divorce attorney folks, if this is any example as to what we can expect then not worth it in the end.

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