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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pakistani-British Woman Killed For Marrying A Man Of Other Sect.

Samia Shahid, 28, was found dead at her parents’ house in Mangla area of Jhelum district in Punjab province and later her ex-husband Chaudary Shakil cleared the air by confessing that he killed her as he had a grudge on her for marrying a man of other sect.

What is shocking is that it is being said that he killed her with the consent of her parents who changed their statements to save the accused.

Samia’s father  first said that his daughter died of cardiac arrest and then changed his statement by saying that she had committed suicide. Now, both the woman’s father and ex-husband have been arrested for further enquiry.

Samia came to Pakistan from Dubai to see her ill father and was later murdered. Syed Mukhtar Kazim, the second husband of Samia said: “My wife converted to Shia — my sect — before wedding which had irked her parents,”

He further added: “She told me by phone that her father was all right and now she was getting threats to her life. On July 20, my wife’s phone was switched off and on contacting Mobeen, her cousin, he told me that Samia had suffered a heart attack and died,”

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