Monday, August 22, 2016

This case of animal cruelty traumatized Romania: Unknown have small dogs tarred, so they have to die in agony on the road. The outrage over such lebensverachtende fact is hard to put into words.
A little guy it lands particularly bad: The toxic tar covered ears, eyes and the whole face!
This fluffy sidekick have been rescued luckily in time by animal rights activists. There still are puppies!
Cătălin Pavaliu, founder of the animal rights organization "Sky Foundation for Animal Rights", has addressed the poor puppies and tried it with you to save your home.
For hours he has to wash in a tub of the puppies. He is driven by the hope that he can make a living in dignity the little ones.
In many places even the coat has dissolved because of tar already firmly stuck.
Thanks to painstaking and intense devotion Cătălin make it again to get the little ones clean and healthy.
First, the poor animals were greatly disturbed and dared hardly eat.
Meanwhile, the sweet rascals have recovered fortunately and snuggle up together together in Cătălins apartment. Now a new home with a loving family is wanted for them that will protect them in the future!
Luckily there was for the four dogs children a happy end. But what man does little dogs so anything? Of course, not every person has to be a dog lover, but this form of animal cruelty - without any respect for the dignity and life - is just sick and barbaric.

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