Monday, August 1, 2016

Does the perfect women body exist? Yes of course.
According to many scientific studies, 1.68 meters in height is the perfect female body measures. 99-63-91 are the bust/weight/hip measurements.
That actually looks like this:
Kelly Brook is the name of that woman. She is 34 year old actress and model from England.
She was referred as “plump” by most of the people. When Brook broke into the fashion world for the first time, this is what talent scouts said.
In the matter of attractiveness, the body of Brook is all natural and perfect according to scientists.
And you may ask what makes charm and attractiveness so essential. It signals the most essential trait a humanbeing can have – fertility.
Supporting the future generations is the fundamental function of people in any species.
Women like Kelly Brook’s, whose body and facial characteristics are related with good and youth health, make the men really attracted to these women.
So what is the reason why models are so skinny?
According to the head of Chanel, the top designer Karl Lagerfield, this is because they are actually trying to sell not fertility, but clothes.
We see very few women who look like Kelly Brook in the industry because most of the fashion icons are actually hired due to their ability to emphasize the shape of the clothes they wear.
Most of the men would prefer and like a woman a few times larger while skinny and thin models might make a dress look ideal.
Different issues and unhealthiness can be caused if you are too skinny. However, you should also do have to be too large, you should simply find a healthy balance.
You can see some female body types and history on the video below: