Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Doctors never expected little E'Layah Faith Pergues to survive her complicated birth. The difficulties for E'Layah's mother, Megan, started in the first phases of pregnancy when she suffered three seizures. The soon-to-be mother had to remain for one month in the hospital to be monitored. When doctors determined the baby in Megan's womb was no longer moving, they scheduled an emergency C-section. Megan went mad with fear and anger for her baby, screaming out, "The devil is a liar, he will never get my baby!", as she was wheeled into the operating room.
Facebook/Ruben Israel
But the operation was successful and tiny, tiny E'Layah came into this world 3.5 months (14 weeks) ahead of schedule. At just over 1 pound, she was the smallest baby ever to survive at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC, USA. The doctors were still skeptical about how she would do, so Megan gave her baby a hopeful middle name, Faith. Over time the little one began growing into her name and proved herself as a true fighter.
Since she was so tiny, E'Layah's parents and doctors faced a scary few months ahead. How could she even get the right nutrition? To encourage her growth, the medical team gave her a formula consisting of fat, sugar, electrolytes, proteins, and vitamins that was specially-formulated for preemies. But that's not all, she also had artificial breathing, blood transfusions, and several operations - this tiny babe had to withstand treatment that would be challenging for even the toughest adult.
Facebook/Levine Children's Hospital
But five months after her birth, E'Layah is going strong and has grown to be nearly 8 lbs. According to doctors, she is thriving.
It wasn't just Megan who was overjoyed at this little miracle, but also Eric, E'Layah's father. They were finally allowed to take her home with them. Her parents knew that E'Layah was a very special and brave girl. You can get a sense of that strength when you see her in her mother's arms.
Facebook/Megan Smith
This tiny preemie has shocked everyone: Unbelievable that so much will to live is stored in such a tiny being. E'Layah's story is one of hope and inspiration for many. It reminds us that life finds a way, regardless of the chances in its favor.