Saturday, June 11, 2016

To the women worldwide this Australian mother wanted to show and to encourage them that to successfully deliver a baby they can believe in their bodies and instincts.
Mother Gives Birth Unassisted In Nature an Amazing Video!

You can see the whole process of giving birth without assistance in the article below.

Sometimes they do not get the proper care regardless of the fact that US is the richest country on the world, and that people spend a lot of money for health care. In the birthing practices the statistic show shocking disparity.
Washington post has published an article and revealed that according to these data among the 28 wealthiest countries last year in US were recorded so many deaths on infant and ranked the state high.

The death rate for infants is shockingly high despite our seemingly advanced medical system, with 6.1 infant deaths per every 1,000 live births. That’s almost three times as high as Finland and Japan, which boast the lowest rates at 2.3 deaths per 1,000.

Take the unnecessary cesarian section is as a prime factor for so many deaths on infants and mother. Performed via c-section are about a third of all births in the United States , according to the CDC, to preserve the health of the mother or child far more than the number necessary.

For medical intervention when something is called as emergency C-section supposed to be an alternative. Do you know that giving birth is not that dangerous as some media hype makes it out to be?
For the women to give natural birth it’s healthier.

That in hospital births are sowhn to be with high adverse effects showed the research based on home births with midwife. The home births are with love rate for intervention then the hospital births. That the C-section rate for women who attempted home births was 5.2 percent, dramatically lower than the overall C-section rate of 31 percent during the same time period from 2004 to 2009 found the massive study, which looked at nearly 17,000 births. Fewer episiotomies received women who gave birth at home, pitocin and epidurals treatments, and only one percent of babies born at home were transferred to the hospital afterward.

Also conducted in Netherlands there was another research were showed that babies born via C-section are more likely to have harmful gut bacteria and lower level of good bacteria compared with the babies born at home with normal birth. The more harmful bacteria it acquired the longer a baby stayed in the hospital.
“In normal vaginal birth, newborns encounter their mothers’ microbes during the critical first hours. Benefitial are some of these microbes note the researchers. “Unfamiliar hospital-borne pathogens such as C. difficile dominate the microbial environment of the newborn’s gut when a baby is born by cesarean surgery and/or subjected to prolonged hospitalization.”

the woman that gives birth should take and follow her own instructions in order to reduce genital trauma one study showed, and to follow her body instead of listening the doctors and pushing.

“By lowering overall trauma rates and reducing the need for suturinga calm and unrushed approach to vaginal birth improved the health of new mothers,” the study notes. “The natural unfolding of the birth process and, thus, reduces maternal injury supportes attendance by caregivers who are confident in normal birth, such as the midwives who conducted this trial.”

It’s found that more of the C-sections were conducted unnecessarily regardless of whether the mother or baby showed high risk signs looking at 20 birthing centers data’s.

The mother should be in charge for the birth according to Global Healing Center. It also reduces the chances of acquiring an infection at the hospital or receiving an unnecessary episiotomy. Because it is born on the woman’s schedule, not that of a doctor rushing to a shift changes the baby is also likely to be healthier. And also if it means something the family saves money which can later spend on the baby or invest in baby’s future.
This video try to pass massage like a mentioned before and liberate the woman to try for the natural giving birth. In the nature all by herself decided to give birth of her fourth child this Australian mother.

The woman says in the video that her dream was to give birth in nature. She flew to a friend’s house in the Daintree rainforest in northeast Australia and found a creek that spoke to her with its “pristine pure and the most amazing fresh water I have ever tasted in my life.”

Her labor pains started over the night. She spend the time in the bath in her yard by nine am, soon after she headed to the creek and spot she chose for the giving birth. She was lying on the mat in the water while her children were playing. It emerges quickly into the world once the baby crowns. By 10:50, the mother is sitting in the stream holding her new baby girl.

See the all-natural video without medications or assistance!