Thursday, June 9, 2016

This is one of the strange happenings that this world has to offer! The discovery of the young woman within this video has never stopped baffling me; believe you me, this story is completely true!
“Untold Stories of the ER,” is the title of the clip you are about to watch. Not even the mother expected the baby that is delivered by Dr. Kathleen Clem. It was while she was delivering that Amber discovered she was pregnant. Yes… I mean she was not aware that she was about to give birth!
Then, out of the blues, a baby girl was waiting after the doctors cut the woman’s pants off. It was too much for the boyfriend who was not expecting this and as a result burst into the ER room. He was more that shocked since he was pretty sure he was not responsible for Amber’s pregnancy. The secret behind it will surely amaze you!
Does this crazy story make you think of something?
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