Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Carol Howarth from Haverfordwest in Wales parks her car so that she can quickly do a bit of shopping. But when she comes back, thousands of guests have come for a visit: An entire swarm of bees has settled down on the rear of her vehicle.
Local Tom Moses observes the scene in amazement, "It was spectacular! I drove past and just saw this huge brown blob." He continues, "Many people stopped and took photos."
"But I was bit worried: The car was directly in front of a pub and I was afraid someone would do something stupid like throw a bunch of hot water on the poor bees and then wind up getting hurt." So, Tom grabs his phone and calls a group of beekeepers to the site. Ultimately they are able to lure the majority of the bees into a box.
Facebook/Tom Moses
But Carol only got her car back for a short while. "The next day I noticed that the bees had followed me home!" explains the car owner. Once again she turns to the beekeepers for help.
"We think the bee queen was attracted by something in the car, probably something sweet. Then she got caught in a space between plastic coverings on the windshield wipers" says Roger Burns, one of the beekeepers. "The swarm of about 20000 bees followed her and gathered at the trunk of the car."
Finally they succeed in freeing the queen and returning home. But people will be talking about this incident in the small Welsh town for some time. "It's completely natural for the bees to follow their queen," says bee expert Roger. "But it is strange and surprising to see that they followed a car for two whole days!"