Monday, May 9, 2016

In Southwark, London, a 46-year-old property developer and Saudi millionaire, Ehsan Abdulaziz, is claiming that the rape charges against him are false, as the penetration of an 18-year-old teenager was simply a case of trip and fall, and accidental penetration.

In the Southwark Crown Court Abdulaziz states that after he tripped his penis had been poking out of his underwear, so when he fell on top of the teen, it ended up going right into her vagina.
The teen on the other hand, claimed that she abruptly awoke in the early morning hours because the millionaire was purposely forcing his erect penis inside of her.
Abdulaziz was found “Not Gulity.”
It all started when Abdulaziz met with a 24-year-old woman who was with the 18-year-old at the high end Cirque le Soir nightclub. He proceeded to invite the two ladies to his private 1,000 euro-a night table. He offered them a ride home in his Aston Martin, but they then went to his Maida Vale flat in West London.
There they drank vodka and he hooked up with the 24-year-old who he had sex with in his bedroom, while the 18-year-old fell asleep on the couch.
But when the 18-year-old woke up, she says Abdulaziz was on top of her and forcing himself into her. Abdulaziz says that he just wanted to give the woman a T-shirt to sleep in or get her a taxi home. Then he claims that while talking to her, it was the teen who pulled him on her, pulling his hand between her legs. This in turn made the millionaire trip and fall, right on top of the woman where his penis then accidentally penetrated her.
Here’s Ehsan Abdulaziz, the 46-year old multi-millionaire acquitted in the rape case.
Abdulaziz explained further on what happened:
“I’m fragile, I fell down but nothing ever happened,
between me and this girl nothing ever happened.”
The DNA traces which may be present in her vagina? That was simply due to the accidental penis penetration when the fall occurred, he claims.
The possible semen on his hands? That was because of the sexual encounter with the other woman he stated.
He was cleared of one count of rape. The trial took place at Southwark Crown Court.
Judge Martin Griffiths oversaw the trial and allowed 20 minutes of Abdulaziz’ evidence to be heard in private. It’s a very rare ruling for that to happen.
Did the millionaire use his influence to sway the law? It’s not for certain, but using a trip and fall accidental erection penetration excuse would make many believe it to be likely.
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