Wednesday, May 11, 2016

These two dogs happened to be rescued only two weeks apart from one another in different South Carolina shelters. Simon and Sammie both suffered horrible pasts, but quickly formed a bond with one another when rescued.

Simon is a 1-year-old Border Collie who you as you can see, comforts his new pal, Sammie. He lifts his paw right on the operating table, placing it right on Sammie’s!

At only 4-months-old, already Sammie has been through severe abuse. Not only was he spray painted, he was dragged by a vehicle and even shot in the leg.
Despite it all, these two guys have found one another and have become best buds.
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC can be thanked for saving these guys. They pulled them out of the shelters and took them in for much needed treatment.
His leg was shot, and Sammie unfortunately may lose it as a result. But both dogs will survive after having undergone extensive surgeries.
It’s almost as if they know they have both been through hard times, and now they find solace in celebrating with one another that they have both survived the horrible ordeals of the past.
Simon doesn’t leave Sammie’s side and serves as his new protector and friend. Once they recover they will be ready to be placed in forever homes and no doubt will try to be placed together due to the strong bond that has formed.