Friday, May 6, 2016

There’s many people that believe circus animals are living in luxury, but depending on which circus you’re talking about that might not be the case.

So often we’ve seen the terrible conditions some of these animals are forced to live in, but this Mountain Lion named Mufasa from Peru has some of the crappiest conditions I’ve ever seen.
It’s believed that the lion had once been free, and that he was taken as a cub some 20-odd years back. It’s still all a bit unknown and untraceable in the end, but ever since he started his “career” in the circus, he’s been kept chained in the bed of a truck. It’s one of those things that is so sickening to see that you’ll want to fly out to take care of Mufasa yourself, but wait until you hear the rest of his story!
Luckily for Mufasa and the rest of the sane world Animal Defenders International (ADI) managed to locate him and rescue him. The video you’re about to watch is the story of Mufasa, and through all the rage you’ll feel at least you’ll know he has his happy ending after all!