Thursday, April 14, 2016

Elephants indeed are incredible creatures. They are also very intelligent as you are about to see!

Here we have a gigantic elephant approach a man who is playing the piano. Then this happens…
Turns out that the employees at a Thailand elephant sanctuary called Elephant Stay, happened to be curious one day on how the elephants would respond to live music being played. So they hauled out a piano, a man started playing and they watched to see what would happen, if anything.
Little did they know the elephant would end up playing a duet with the man! This is a very unique sanctuary as it is, what they call a “fantastic way for you to get hands on experience and make a real difference in the lives of our elephants.” It’s also said to be the “most exciting, innovative, working elephant village in Asia, dedicated to conserving elephants.” These guys take care of these animals with great care and even explore ways to make their time be spent creatively as possible, as they learn and love these amazing creatures. Their website states the following: “the program involves living with, caring for, and learning about elephants. Your elephant will be relying on you to take care of them and show them the love they deserve.”
Sounds like a cool place to visit, right? Especially when you have elephants actually playing the piano! Share with all your friends and family!