Monday, April 25, 2016

We all have negative pre-conceptions occasionally against someone - Greg Heynen had some about his wife's dog, Zack - a pit bull-labrador cross. It has to do with this breed of dog being a so-called attack dog. Today, Greg shares his story:
"My wife and I owned two dogs that we had before we met each other and got married. Her dog was a pit bull-labrador cross named Zack, and he hated me. When our daughter was born, I said to my wife, ‘If he so much as nips at the baby, he’s gone.'
We brought our daughter home in a car seat, and both dogs sniffed and licked her, tails wagging. I had to pull Zack away from her because he wouldn’t stop licking her. Zack immediately became my daughter’s protector, and if she was ever lying on a blanket on the floor, he always had to have one foot on the blanket.
Zack loved my daughter immensely, and when she became a little older always walked her to bed and then slept on the bed with her. He somehow knew whenever it was time to go upstairs, and he would wait at the foot of the stairs for her, and then follow her up to bed.
One day Zack was poisoned by a neighbor's kid and we had the worst day of our lives. Watching our daughter say goodbye to him as he lay on the kitchen floor, my wife and I stood by sobbing. 
At 8 o'clock that evening my daughter went towards the stairs to go to bed. It was in this moment that all three of us really realized what had happened. After 5 years Zack was no longer waiting at the stairs to accompany her upstairs to bed. 
It was then that my dog, who loved my daughter dearly, but was not in Zack’s league, stood up, walked over to her, and nudged her with his head. Then, he placed one foot on the stairs and looked at her. They walked up the stairs to bed with my daughter holding on firmly to his neck. 
For the next 6 years until he too passed away, Sam waited for her by the stairs every night."

What a touching story. It's wonderful that Greg saw that Zack was the best friend that his daughter could have asked for, and that Sam loyally took stepped up to the mark once he'd passed on.