Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I am sure that you have never seen someone dumping a big bowl of carrots in the toilet, earlier. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Well, the next thing that happened is more surprising that you can even think of. It was actually a demonstration by the Eco QUATTRO Flushing Technology.
What’s new with this Flushing Technology?
This Eco QUATTRO Flushing Technology has brought the most advanced flushing system in the history of flushes. And there is no doubt of them being the best. If you watch the video, you will see that the toilet can flush out 2 pounds of carrots within just a few seconds.
The best features of the best flushing system
The best thing about this flushing system is that it uses the least amount of water compared to the flushes that are out there in the market like the 3.5-gallon models. This feature of the flushing system is written on the company’s website. Since 1987, St. Thomas Creation is trying to innovate their industry. Not only the company has gained a reputation in the market, they are even paying attention to power efficiency.
In the demonstration video of the company, you will see that how this guy flushes out not only the 2 pounds of carrots but also a complete set of chess pieces, 3 pounds of gummy bears, 18 hot dogs of standard size, 20 golf balls and many more things to name.