Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sad news spread on the Internet which shocked the entire world. Namely, young boy at the age of 2 was eaten by a mother pig in China. The name of this young boy is Wei Tsao.

Wei walked off from his parents and end up into mother pig’s sow. This mother pig had just given birth.
His parents used to call Wei Tsao, Keke. Keke by accident disturb the pig, and she charged at him.
Although the parents rush to the boy when they hear the scream, sadly, it was too late. Unfortunately the pig proceeded to eat the boy.
They could not do anything to safe him. They were shocked because they only saw the boy’s head in pig’s mouth. His devastated father, named Sun Tsai at the age of 25 said:
“We have popped inside for just a couple minutes, when we heard the scream.”
After this unwanted incident, the chief if the village advised people to keep their pigs in pens, in order to prevent another tragedy like this.