Monday, April 11, 2016

What do you do with the water in which you cook your rice into? It goes to the bin or it forms a part of nutrition for your garden herbs. Have you ever thought of drinking it? You might be thinking, who does that.
The truth is that just a single cup of rice water a week can improve your health in general, at so many levels. After going through this article, you will never throw that rice water again.
Source of Energy
Rice water is loaded with carbohydrates which are required by your body to produce energy. Hence, it’s best to start your day with a cup of rice water. You can also have it to alleviate energy levels when feeling lethargic.
Rice water is rich fiber and helps in regulating bowel movement. It also motivates the development of digestion friendly bacterial.
Prevents dehydration
Summer heat deprives our body of nutrients and we get dehydrated. It’s best to have rice water in summer to beat the heat and replenish the lost nutrients.
Treats Viral Infection
It acts as a natural remedy by restoring body’s lost fluids and nutrients during viral fever. It accelerates healing power of the patient.
Relieves symptoms of diarrhea
Rice water is proven to be safe for infants as well and is known to keeps stomach disorders at bay. It is an amazing home remedy for diarrhea.
Prevents Cancer
If you are regular in drinking rice water, you develop stronger immunity which helps in preventing dreaded diseases like cancer.
Prevents Alzheimer’s
A recent study showed that drinking cooked rice water prevents Alzheimer’s and hence, it is big enough reason to start having it.
Protection from Sun
Rice water contains oryzanol which helps the body against the harmful effect of UV radiations of sun. Its time you offer some assistance to your skin by sipping on cooked rice water.
How to make rice water
Cook your rice in fresh water and once your rice are cooked, strain the water in a separate container. Here is your rice water ready to be sipped upon.