Friday, April 29, 2016

Parents are proud of their little ones because they are the reason as to why they are working hard. They expect their children to do whatever is right all the time. But there are times when the kids do things that stun the parents like what we see in the clip below.
In the video we meet a small girl and her mother. The mother had gone and left her daughter alone in the house. While away, the little girl opened the door and let the family cow inside. When the mother returned from where she had gone, she was stunned on seeing the cow inside the house. She asked the little girl to explain to her how the cow came to find himself inside the house. The response the girl gave to her mother was so funny.
She walked to the door and told her mother that she was looking the other side, away from the door when the cow entered. But from the looks you can see that she is lying to her mother. The interesting part of all is when she girl lies to her mother that the cow pooped and she had to clean it.
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