Monday, April 4, 2016

Tea lovers rejoice! Just when you thought your refreshing cup of green tea or your soothing cup of chamomile was just for drinking, this handy tip comes along!
That tiny tea bag of yours holds a superpower that you thought was only activated with a steamy cup of water. Boy, are you wrong!
Our friend on The One Pot Chef Show, shows us how to use tea bags in a whole new way. He takes a dry tea bag and places it in his car for a natural freshener! The bag will take out your cars odors and absorb moisture, just like one of the store-bought kind.
The One Pot Chef says these car deodorizers will last for months, so you won’t have to continue to purchase the pricey store-bought versions. I’m thinking of honey lemon scent for my car. You can never go wrong with citrusy-sweet!
Check out the video below to see the quick tip for yourself, then SHARE the love and pass it on! 

H/t: Jumblejoy