Friday, April 8, 2016

It may seem to many of us that a c-section delivery is just a mere thing and it won’t be such a painful thing. But, it does hurt; after all, it’s a big surgery that happens to woman’s body!

discovered in the ultrasound that my son has to get delivered via a c-section surgery, but I was not aware of the things that can happen to me in the whole process and also after it. They took me to the operation table and I was scared. But I just imagined that it would be just a surgery and I will be awake for some time holding my baby in my arms!
I wish I knew these things before the surgery!
Well, surgery is not a fairy tale! My ignorance gave me an experience. Hope this experience might help you!
  • The surgery room was so cold that it felt like ice around me. I was shivering so much that I thought the anaesthetist will not be able to focus on the target!
  • My OB told me that I might feel slight pressure but he convinced me that it won’t hurt. But, let me tell you, you will definitely feel that ‘slight pressure’ to be a tremendous pull.
  • The biggest mistake I had done was not taking the pain killers post delivery. The doctors told me to take the meds but I refused to take it after 28 hours, as I thought that I can deal with it.
  • Another important thing, don’t dare to laugh harder post delivery. Sneezing, coughing or pooping even needs to be controlled.
  • You might go poop-less for a few days like it had been. It’s better to have things like apricot nectar and prune juice to keep your stomach clean.