Thursday, April 28, 2016

Probably all people would agree that having parasites in the body, sounds really terrifying.

That actually may sound strange and many of you will ask: how is that even possible? As a matter of fact, there are people who are not aware of this problem. It is important to mention that everyone should be careful as all of us are exposed to the parasitic infections.
It is shocking that those parasites can cause many health issues, such as instant disease as you become infected and in some cases passes a certain time until it start ruining your life and that is due to the toxins that they produce.
10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Full Of Parasites
To be more precise, parasites live in the human body and are feeding of it.
Some of the most common types of parasites are pinworms, dientamoeba fragilis, trichinella, tapeworms, hookworms and labia. It is important to mention that some of them even lay eggs inside the body and feed on the red blood cells and the food that the person consumes.
The explanation how those parasites enter the body is quite simple: through the mouth or skin, traveling to areas that have parasite infestations, close contacts with pets, weak immune system and poor hygiene.
In this article we are going to write about how you can detect if there is a parasite in your body with showing you the warning signs that can indicate the parasites.
Fatigue and weakness
Weak body will make you feel depressed, exhausted and a feeling of apathy. Human body can become weak when there is malabsorption of essential minerals, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates. Further malabsorption of the vital nutrients, are causing the intestinal worms that are feeding on the food you consume. As it is already mentioned, they can produce toxins inside the body and that is what will make human organs to work harder in order to eliminate the waste causing fatigue, low energy and weakness. In case if you sleep enough and eat properly and you are still feeling fatigue, you need to consult with your doctor.
Change of appetite and weight loss
Pinworm or tapeworm infestation usually is indicated with combination of increased appetite with weight loss. As you probably are guessing, the parasites eat the same food you consume and that is why you feel hungry more than usual. If you notice this happening to you immediately go to the doctor.
Anemia or iron deficiency
It is fact that the parasites are feeding on the same food you consume, so that means that they steal from your vitamins such as iron and that is why it can lead to iron deficiency. You should be aware that anemia is affecting the development and growth of the children so if there is a slow growth and weight loss in children you should take them to the doctor immediately.
Skin issues
Parasites can cause many skin issues such as eczema, hives, rashes and many other forms of allergies. The reason for that are the toxins that they release in the body. Still, the worst part is that they can even lead to brittle hair, hair loss and dry skin. If you experience unexplained skin issues visit your doctor.
Mental distress
During the parasite infestation you may experience anxiety, depression, mood swings and visual hallucination. The toxins released by the parasites may damage the neurons and neurotransmitter and that is what causing the above mentioned conditions. If people around you notice that you are depressed most of the time or you experience sudden mood swings visit a doctor.
Abdominal pain
In some cases, the bloated feeling and pain are caused by parasite that lives in the upper small intestinal region because it will cause inflammation and irritation. To be more precise, the pain in the upper part in the abdomen is caused due to blocked passage of waste products to exit from the body and the parasites are capable of doing that. Experts link the fluke, hookworms, tapeworm and roundworm with this kind of pain.
Anal itching
Anal discomfort or itching appears in cases when the female worms lay eggs. There is a big change of secondary bacterial infection if the area is being scratched because then the skin will be easily broken down. Usually this occurs during night, so you might have trouble with sleeping. If this does not stop for a period longer than 14 days you should visit a doctor.
Pain in the muscles and joints
Experts explain that there are several arasites that invade the soft tissue in the muscles and joints and that can result in irritation and pain and this is usually mistaken for arthritis. This type of pain occurs as a result of immune system’s response to the toxins that parasites release. If you can’t handle the pain visit your doctor.
Teeth grinding
In some cases, the waste and toxins which are released by the parasites in the body can cause anxiety and restlessness and then bruxism happens during the sleep time. Usually this symptom is affecting the kids, so if you notice teeth grinding in your children, pay a visit to the doctor.
Chronic digestive problems
When there is inflammation caused by intestinal parasite infestation the intestinal lining to the gut is destroyed, and that leads to chronic diarrhea. Those people who consume foods high in fiber and that are highly alkaline every day and still get to have diarrhea, we recommend you to visit a doctor.