Friday, March 11, 2016

The thought of going to the dentist is enough to upset any teenager, but what most of us don't consider is that dentists are not only visited by humans. 
Meet Wesley and his owner, Molly Moore. Wesley is a 6 month old, lively golden retriever, who loves snuggles and playing with his toys. 
Molly noticed that Wesley, who is usually a very happy puppy, had been acting a little strangely. He wasn't eating very much and started losing weight. He couldn't close his mouth properly, and even stopped playing with his toys due to the pain. 
Harborfront Hospital for Animals
Luckily for Wesley, there was an unusual way to solve the problem. Dr. James Moore, Molly's father, is a specialist in veterinary dentistry and got straight down to business. On February 19, Dr. Moore fitted Wesley with doggy braces!
Harborfront Hospital for Animals
Molly says there is a lot of confusion about Wesley's braces and many people think it's for aesthetics, but there is a serious medical reason. Malocclusion occurs when the teeth don't fit correctly or comfortably in the mouth when closed. 
Thankfully for Wesley, the braces are due to be taken off this week and not after years, like humans, and he will be able to eat and play without the pain he was experiencing previously. 
Harborfront Hospital for Animals 
Although the technique is rare, Dr. Moore says that he fits around 4 dogs with braces every year!
Perhaps Wesley will go on to be the cutest ambassador for braces yet, and encourage more teenagers to fix their painful problem before it turns into something worse. Share this beautiful story with all your animal-loving friends and family.