Thursday, February 18, 2016

If you look around your room carefully, you'll probably see 1,000 different things that you've only used once or will probably throw away. It's such a waste, seeing as most of our day-to-day products actually have many different uses. You can use hairspray to protect leather shoes, eggshells to whiten your laundry, and baby powder for so much more than post-poo freshening for little ones. Below are some tips and tricks for use.
Sometimes you just don't have time to wash your hair. But going out with greasy locks is embarrassing and looks dirty. Sprinkle some baby powder on your hairline before going to bed and it will soak up the excess oil overnight. When you wake up the next morning, just comb your hair out like normal.
Powder your face before applying makeup. Baby powder works as a great primer and helps your foundation stay put. You can completely replace expensive conventional face power with baby powder, seeing as it essentially has the same function and leaves your complexion looking matte.
Baby powder also makes a great aftershave. It preserves your skin's moisture and soothes any redness that comes from the razor.
To lengthen your eyelashes, apply a base coat of mascara, then use an eyeshadow brush to apply a layer of baby powder to your lashes before applying a final coat of mascara. You'll be ready to star in the next makeup ad.
Some woman struggle with extremely thin eyebrows. To ensure your face is given a worthy frame, brush a bit of baby powder into your eyebrows before applying a eyebrow powder. Your brows will end up looking full and healthy.
Baby powder can improve the staying power of lipstick. After applying a layer of color, take a tissue and put it over your lips, brush a coat of baby powder over the tissue and then apply a second layer of color to your lips.  Voila - your lips will look brilliant till your next kiss and beyond!
Waxing can be incredibly painful. Especially when extra bits of wax stay stuck to your skin. To help ease the pain, apply powder to your skin before you wax. The powder prevents the wax from sticking to your skin, but still allows it to grab hold and remove any hair.
If you sprinkle baby powder on small cuts and scrapes, it seals the wound and can help stop the bleeding.
Wearing ill-fitting tights can sometimes feel like your being given a massage with a wire brush. If you find yourself with this problem, spread baby powder on your legs before getting dressed in order to minimize uncomfortable rubbing.
New shoes and blisters go hand-in-hand. To save yourself the pain, apply baby powder to your feet and to the shoes. This will help to not only lessen the friction, but also absorb extra moisture. Say goodbye to painful blisters and smelly feet! You can always reapply a fresh coat for an effective shoe deodorant.
Sprinkle baby powder in your bed sheets on hot summer nights. It will cool you down, even without air conditioning.
Baby powder is also a helpful trick to fight pimples. Its absorbent properties regulate face oils and it works to soothe inflamed skin.
Baby powder is also a great alternative to deodorant. It is guaranteed aluminum-free and has an unbeatable price.
When it comes to cosmetics, baby powder is a real all-around product. No matter where it's applied, this white powder will leave you smelling fresh, and won't cause a huge dent in your savings. Whoever still thinks that baby powder is just meant for babies, is a lost cause.