Sunday, February 7, 2016

At first she didn’t feel pain.
Kirby Shin, a young 24-years old mother of a two children, went emergency on a plastic surgery, because the battery of her e-cigarette exploded in her face during use. Herright eyelid is completely destroyed on the middle.
Kirby explains that when she looked herself in the mirror, it was a terrible view – her face was all covered by blood and battery acid.
WOMEN ADDICTS-Her Eye Exploded, Due To The Phenomenon That Today Almost Everyone Uses
– I just remember hearing a loud bang and a big black smoke. I couldn’t realize, at first, what happened. I looked down and my hands were black and there was a big hole and mu thumb – says a fan of the e-cigarettes and adds that at first she didn’t feel any pain.
Her husband, a construction worker, drove her to the hospital immediately where she was at the surgery for two hours. Specialists at the Manchester hospital said that she might have those scarfs on the right eye for the rest of her life.
Extraction of threads awaits her, then another operation, after which it will be known in what condition will Kirby be.