Saturday, February 20, 2016

This young girl was feeling miserable and couldn’t figure it out. A urinary tract infection was the verdict that her doctor gave and prescribed antibiotics. But these just made her sicker. Back to the hospital, but this time it was emergency.

Jaundice set in as her eyes and skin turned yellow. The doctors believed it to be hepatitis as her liver was swollen and inflamed. The doctors just couldn’t figure it out why this was happening since the girl was only 16-years-old.
None of the usual suspects were to blame. She hadn’t traveled abroad and contracted an illness, nor had she been taking any drugs, prescription or recreational. No blood transfusions either. Doctors did find out that she had been taking in three cups of green tea that she had ordered from China, every day. Could this have something to do with it?
Her purpose for drinking it was as a natural weight loss and appetite control aid. But the labeling was in Chinese and she couldn’t read any of the ingredients. The doctors quickly took a sample and tested it. They immediately ordered her to not consume another drop of the stuff. Camellia sinesis is a type of evergreen shrub used to make different teas, including green tea. This was the cause as previously it has been linked with woman and hepatitis/liver damage who had used it as a supplement. It’s actually caused transplants to be needed and in some cases, death. Not only that, but it was very likely other chemicals were added to the tea to make it stronger and more functional for weight loss.
Here’s from the journal BMJ Case Reports: “There is potential for pesticide-induced hepatitis to exist, especially from less regulated products ordered from developing countries over the internet.”
Turns out that while the price might be right for buying your tea online, the quality may not. Thankfully the girl did recover after two months of stopping the tea and things went back to normal for her health wise. Her case is being used as an example of how dangerous heavy consumption of green tea can be, and the fact that pesticides might be present in various teas.
Bottom line, make sure you are consuming high quality green tea and don’t overdo it. Despite all the health claims that green tea consumption has, it looks like there are some serious negative health issues if you drink the wrong kind.
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