Sunday, February 7, 2016


Sushi is one of the most popular meals nowadays, but not every chef knows how to prepare it properly. If you enjoy eating tuna rolls or salmon skin rolls, before you consume them, you should first ask around how they prepare it. It this kind of food is not cooked correctly, it can have serious consequences on your health.
One Chinese man experienced symptoms such as itchy skin and digestive disorders after eating a plate of Sashimi. The man decided to visit his doctor and he was shocked by what he found out. He had parasitic worms in his body after the meal he had.
Undercooked fish have worms called diphyllobotrium which can cause you Diphyllobothriasis.
Here are the common symptoms that appear immediately after consuming a food that has diphyllobothrium:
Discomfort in abdominal area
These worms are extremely dangerous since they can easily reach your brain and it usually takes a longer period of time to be diagnosed and the consequences can be fatal.
Parasitic infections occur after eating raw or undercooked fish, but according to studies, there are cases when the fish is properly cooked