Thursday, February 11, 2016


On the 1st of January this year, Andrew Flinders started his “potato experiment”. Although the experts think that this experiment will not end well, he hopes that this experiment will actually change the attitude towards the food and the dependence towards it – he decided to consume only potato for 365 days. He said that he will receive the most of calories, nearly 99% from the potatoes and he will consume only few spices and couple of other supplements among them. He complained that the last few years the shape is missing from him. When he measured himself, he saw that he had never had more weight in his life. He is 151.7 kg and he is not quite happy about it.

This idea came to him after realizing that he is obsessed with food. He prepares the potato in different ways with minimal use of herbs and spices, he is not interested in preparing new interesting meals, he only cook boring meals so he could not think often about them. Until now, he succeed to lose 10 pounds but also he wars people that this is his project, not some successful diet who people should adopt.
“This is not any kind of diet” he says, because he only wants to improve his attitude towards the food. He also says that he is not being paid for doing this and he is not trying to sell any kind of product.
Many people consider this as an experiment. Also, many think that this is not clever idea at all. One of these many people is the professor Joseph Projeto who teaches medicine at the University of Melbourne. He is considering that this is one unhealthy idea. “Many different kinds of foods should be entered in the body in small amounts of course in order to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. If you consume the same food all the time you won’t give the necessary needs to your body” – says he.