Thursday, February 11, 2016

The most important part of oral hygiene is the teeth brushing. This very important habit protects the teeth from caries and the palate from many diseases who can be caused by various bacteria. Important thing in this process is the proper washing. We represent you 3 sings for washing the teeth on proper way or advice for help if you wash them on the wrong way.

  1. Your teeth are rugged – the drinks and the food that is consumed during the day are mixed with the saliva and leave traces on the teeth. If you notice rough on their surface after reaching them with your tongue then your teeth are not washed properly. If they are still in this form after brushing them, repeat the procedure again but this time spend little more minutes and complete dedication until they get smooth and radiance.
  2. If you get bitterness after a short period of time – If the water is filled with tufa you often spot the remained deposits after boiling or washing. The same way happens with the teeth. This kind of deposits can be removed properly by right brushing. If after brushing you still spot layers of deposits in couple of areas around them then you need to get help from dentist.
  3. If your palate are inflamed and bleed – the inflammation of the palate also known as gingivitis is caused by the bacteria deposits who slowly enter inside of them and cause unpleasant symptoms. The first sign of inflammation is the swell around the tooth roof but also could be a sign of non- proper hygiene.
Namely, during the brush period it is very important to brush the whole scope of the palate with circular massage movements. When it comes to back teeth, they are the most exposed ones to bacteria so take several more minutes to brush the palate around them properly.