Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spiderman and Superman are yesterday's heroes! The following list shows people who possess real superhero powers, which cannot be explained by science. 
1. Daniel Browning Smith
Youtube/F5 Video
Daniel is the most flexible man in the world. He has already been in the Guiness Book of Records 5 times because Daniel can fold his body so well that he can be carried in a bag. The only question that one really wants to ask him is: Where do his bones disappear to?
2. Daniel Tammet
Youtube/F5 Video
Daniel Tammet suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, but that has not prevented him from being able to speak 10 languages, specifically English, Finnish, French, German, Lithuanian, Esperanto, Spanish, Romanian, the complicated Icelandic and Welsch. To prove his skills, he made an appearance on Icelandic television and took the entire interview in Icelandic. In addition to this, he also holds the record for remembering Pi to furthest number: within 5 hours he recalled Pi to the 22514th decimal.
3. Ngoc Thai
Twitter/Ajabu Tv Show
In 1973 Ngoc Thai had a high fever. Since then he has completely stopped sleeping. Nothing seems to help him, but doctors also believe that his wakefulness has no side effects on him other than a weak liver. Even though he drags 50 kilo of pig food every day - and for 4 kilometres - his body is simply never tired. Therapy and sleeping pills have no affect. 
4. Rathakrishnan Velu
Youtube/Christopher Abraham
This man from Malaysia should make a commercial for toothpaste. He pulled a train with seven carriages uses a steal rope - the train was fastened to one end of the steal rope, and the other he held with his teeth. He is in the Guiness Book of Records for this unbelievable skill. 
5. Wim Hof alias „The Iceman“
If you wanted to imitate Wim Hof's unbelievable talent, you would freeze to death. Wim has surprised scientists by sitting for 2 hours on ice without his body temperature changing. Using this incredible skill, he has since climbing Mount Everest and run an entire marathon in the Namibia Desert without water. 
6. Prahlad Jani
Prahlad Jani is an indian sadhu (healer), who has survived since 1940 without food or water. For a test he was locked in a room for 10 days. He didn't leave even once, never went to the toilet, simply meditated for most of the time.
7. Tibetan Monk
Twitter/Michael Bock
The Tibetan monks practice a skill that's called Tummo. With their help, it is possible to raise the temperature of fingers and toes by 17 degrees. Scientists are still unable to explain how meditation and yoga has made it possible for these monks to accomplish such things. 
8. Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson seems to be able to speak with animals. The animal welfarist, who is known as the lion whisperer, has made friends with lions, cheetahs, and other wild animals, but nobody can read their body language as well as he can.
9.Ben Underwood
Twitter/Tendencias Perucom
At 2 years old, Ben had eye cancer and as a result, had his eyes removed. Since then, he "sees" through sound, much like dolphins. Sees abilities are describes as "echolocation" because using the echo from his own tongue-clicks, he is able to identify and find different objects, even in areas he's never been before. Ben however, died at 16 from the cancer that also took his eyes.
10. Natasha Demkina
Natasha's skill first came when she was 10 years old: she has the ability to see through people's skin. Even though her talent is not yet completely scientifically proven, she has already been able to tell many people, including her doctor and a British journalist among others, exactly where their bones had been broken.
11. Stephen Wiltshire
Youtube/Stephen Wiltshire
Stephen's memory is like a camera. Everything that he's seen once, he can remember down to the smallest detail. He has proven this by correctly drawing a map of Singapore, which is renowned for its size and complexity, from memory, in front of an audience and live cameras.

Incredible what people are capable of. And nobody can say that there are no super heroes. Share these unbelievable and exceptional talents with everyone that you know.